Resume Service: $225 Flat Fee (New) $150 (Polishing/Updating)

Our resume service is for sales, marketing and client services professionals. We are well qualified to write a resume that will boost your visibility and increase your chances of landing interviews. The resume we’ll write for you will get you noticed by decision makers regardless of how competitive your industry may be.

You will find that our resume service provides more personalized attention than any other resume writing firm. We pride ourselves in understanding sales trends and job search trends.

Resume writing isn’t easy and putting together a resume that communicates your experience in a professional organized manner with the correct industyr keywords is a must! We bring you a resume service that has proven success in writing resumes that energize your words and help your resumes stand out amongst others.    

We take the time to get to know you and your qualifications. The resume we will produce for you will reflect all that you have to offer a potential employer.

Coaching Service: 1/2 day $500 (includes coaching, follow up coaching, resume polishing and lunch)
For years our clients have told us our candidates are always the most prepared and stand out amongst other candidates who are interviewing for the same job.

  • Is your resume posted but you aren't getting the hits?
  • Are you applying for jobs that you know you are qualifed for but aren't getting a response?
  • Have you managed to secure an interview, but didn't get the job offer?

Our job coaching might be your answer. We help new college grads learn how to communicate their experience in a professioanl manner. We help them understand the different stages of the interview process and the importance of each. We start by helping understand the different job titles and which ones might be right for them. We teach what it means to be "polished" and everything from proper attire to being professionally prepared for an interview. We help candidates understand what all those interview questions are about and how to answer open ended questions in a favorable manner. We show different ways in "selling yourself" based on your experiences vs. the company's needs and how to ask good/smart questions. We teach you how to close yourself and most of all, we teach you how to stand out amongst others interviewing for the same position(s).

This is an in-office, face-to-face coaching session. It is very interactive and we help you master skills you can use throughout your professional career. The process begins with a complete assessment of your skills, interests and work values, matching your traits with the right job and helping you discover your own value as a future employee. But it doesn't stop there. Once you land an interview we can give you helpful insights at each stage of the interview process including drive-alongs, working side-by-side with an employee at the offices for a day, lunch or dinner interviews, and more...

Finding that great job is a long and complicated process. At Abacus Employment, we will give you networking tips, organizational advice, time-management strategies and how to do it right the first time.




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"Most people think 'selling' is the same as 'talking'. But the most effective salespeople know that listenening is the most important part of the job."

~Roy Bartell

"We specialize in the placement of salespeople. Please talk to us about your needs, we are here to listen."

~Abacus Employment

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